Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 GA/RA Recognition

The night we flew in Jackson and Brylee had an RA/GA recognition banquet at church. We knew it was going to cutting it close to even get there from our original flight time but when we were delayed when knew we were going to miss part of it. However, the kids still wanted to go even if we were late. Well, we missed the GA recognition but made it for the RA recognition. 

Jackson receiving his patches and pin!
Brylee got her certificate, flower, and charm bracelet and charm after the service. 
She was still excited to get it! 
 Brylee and her BFF Mattie
 All my sweet GA girls... I hate I missed their recognition service but nothing you can do about delayed flights... i had fun teaching these silly little girls this year!  

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