Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012: Magic Kingdom

Sunday was our first day in the parks and we went to Magic Kingdom... our favorite!!!! Jackson and Brylee LOVED riding all the rides, watching the parades, seeing the characters... they LOVED it all!!!!! 
Our hotel had a shuttle bus to take us to the Magic Kingdom and then we let the kids choose if they wanted to ride the monorail or the boat to the entrance of the park and they choose the boat! Do you think sister is excited or what???   
Look out Mickey and Minnie... here we come!!!
 Happy Mother's Day!!!!
What a fun day... 
spending time in one of my favorite places with favorite peeps
We have never been to the park when it opens to see them sing and dance and actually "unlock the park"... Look at sweet brylee just a watching and waving at all the characters??? I am not going to lie... this brought tears to my eyes!!!
 We went to ride space mountain right when we got to the park... they LOVED it... we rode it twice... I think they would have ridden it all day long if we did not move them along to the other rides.
 Driving Mrs. Diane 
 JP was tall enough to drive himself... he thought he was tough stuff! :) 
 Tea Cups...
 Our first characters to see... 
White Rabbit and Alice 
 JP and Granddaddy on It's a Small World 
 Me and B
 A trip to disney is never complete without a pictures in the stocks 
 Right after riding Splash Mountain... another favorite... 
Eating Mickey Icecream waiting for the Parade to begin...
 Here it comes...
 Mickey and Minnie....
 B dancing with the monkey from Aladdin 
 After the parade we went back to the hotel so the kiddos could swim and GoGo could take a NAP! :)
Do you think JP liked the slide???
 and B... well who knows...
 Then we got dressed and headed back to Magic Kingdom... we walked in and they were doing the show at the castle and of course we had to stop... I swear my kids would watch parades and shows ALL.DAY.LONG... they love them... me too!
 Castle Pictures..
 Swiss Family Robinson Tree House 
 I hate this picture is blurry :(... i love it! 
 Riding the magic carpet 
 It was time for yet another parade... the light parade and then the fireworks show! 
We had a great time and loved spending our day in Magic Kingdom. We were all so tired by the time we got back to the hotel... we had 2 kiddos sleep walking their way through the hotel lobby to their beds! :)

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