Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012-- Happy Birthday Jackson!!!!

{Happy 9th Birthday Jackson!!!}

We started out the morning bright and early and headed to *Krispy*Kreme* dounghnuts for some hot and now breakfast doughnuts!!!! 
 Then we went to dinner at Joe's*Crab*Shack; the restaurant of his choice; for birthday dinner with granny and pap pap and gogo and granddaddy!!! Jax and Bry enjoyed playing on the playground!!!!   

 Eating his lobster stem pot...
 The staff came out and sang to him and dressed him up a "Billy the Rodeo Clown"! He had to skip around the outside deck singing "Yippee Ky-Yea Todays My Birthday"!!! It was hilarious... and of course he loved it!!! HA! :)
Jackson Man I hope you had the bestest birthday ever!!!!! 
I can't believe you are 9!!!!
This is the last year you will be a single digit number... 
from here on out its double digits!!!!! 

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