Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012

{Mother's Day Surprises)
I know Mother's Day is a few days away but Brylee had been showering me with Mother's Day goodies already and I love them! 

I love the questionnaires where they ask your child questions about you and they answer them and I LOVE me some inventive spelling!!!!! I know this is hard to read but I love that Brylee thinks I am the best cook (ha if you know me you know I don't cook much at all) but her favorites are "bskede" aka spaghetti (LOVE IT) and this is my favorite "chikin ow fradow" aka Chicken Alfredo!!!! I laughed SO hard when I read that.... will save FOREVER!!!!!    
and look how cute this little tile recipe/picture holder is we made in GA's tonight... I am their GA teacher but I can't take credit for the idea someone else came up with is... how cute!!!! The flowers are made from their thumb prints... I hope all the mom's loved it as much and I do!:) 

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