Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012

{GA Camp Day 2}
After a long night of very little sleep; we had to be up and ready for breakfast at 7:30am. We then had a devotion with our girls and then went to morning worship. After that we did a few group activities. Our first activity was 4 stations that taught the girls about Haiti (which was their missionaries country) and then we went SWIMMING!!!! That was what Brylee had been looking forward to the whole time! (b.c we don't ever do that) :) 
Brylee and one of our counselors Miss Elizabeth
 The pool had a cool little slide that all the girls loved! 
After this Brylee and I left camp. Jackson was playing the area baseball tournament down the road from the camp and I had already missed one game and I really did not want to miss another one. I was good and left the decision up to Brylee if she wanted to stay I would have stayed but I was so so so GLAD when she said we could leave after swimming! She did not miss that much! 

I am so glad we went we had a good time but lets face it sister is not really the camping type. She was HOT and TIRED and THIRSTY and HUNGRY (b.c she did not like their food) and there was ALOT of WALKING... you know just like any camp experience... your cabin is at one end of the camp and everything else is at the other! :) 

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