Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28, 2012

{Fresh Veggies}
We have a local family that has a garden and sells fresh veggies from their garden. Each week they post on facebook what they have in their fresh veggie baskets and then you can buy their baskets for $10. This week they had new potatoes, purple hull peas, corn, and okra. I knew we had to have us one of those baskets!
Now let me say cooking dinner at our house doesn't happen all that often... we do a whole of eating out 
at our house! So cooking fresh veggies from a garden pretty much never happens! I will say I thought they peas would come already pilled so that was a first for us... I am glad I had a little helper! 
Here was our finished product!!! 
{Blue Plate Special}
we had shake and bake pork chops, corn on the cob (by the way did you know you can cook corn on the cob in the shuck in the microwave and the shuck and silks just come off so easily), parmesan cheese oven  baked new potatoes, and fried okra. (only thing we were missing was corn bread... but I ran out of oven space and time) :) 

It was all very good... if you are local and want some good veggies... check out shelton's market on facebook! 

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