Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

{Spend the Night Parties}
Two ball park sister planning a spend the night party the whole season! Friday night was finally the night that Brylee would get to spend the night with Riley G. (one of the baby brothers on the team calls them "this riley" and "that riley" ha :) bless his heart he just can't keep it straight!). However, Brylee did not make it through her spend the night party! She called me about 11:00 and said she could not go to sleep without me so she came home! God love her; it drives Richard crazy! I told him she won't go to collage sleeping on the floor in our bedroom or coming home from spend the night parties! :) 
Riley and Brylee 

Since B had spend the night plans... big brother had to have some too! So Jackson had Ashton come home with him after ball practice and spend the night! After practice we took them to the Liberty Day festival and let them ride some carnival rides and get a snow cone in a baseball hat! 
 Fun Time with Friends!!!! 

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