Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012

{Road Block...}
Today we had a road block (for those that don't know... a road block is where you stand at an intersection and collect spare change and even dollar bills from traffic when they stop at the red light) to raise money for our all star team that is going to the world series this summer!

These guys did a great job... we've got some pretty good salesmen on our team! They were not taking no for an answer and looking pretty pitiful as the traffic stopped! :)

These guys raised $650 dollars in 2 hours.... i think that is pretty awesome!!!!

I am always amazed at how generous some people could be... we got several $20 bills from sweet people wishing these boys good luck! One teenager even gave them $20 and told them he remembered playing all stars and how much fun he had. He told them to go win it all! How Sweet!

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