Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

{Chelsea Invitational}
Tonight we started our second invitational tournament and thankfully this week it is at home! :) I could not pick my favorite picture from this game... I got some really good actions shots! :) 

JP up to bat... smacking the ball! 
 Sliding in for a triple... he's SAFE!!!! 
is there anything cuter than names on the back of baseball jerseys???
 JP and the Joe the ump... 
I have to remember this moment... 
all our "home town" umps know JP... they all talk to him and lord know he always talks to them..well JP did not have the best game... he had taken a nap and he and naps just don't always do well together... he was just sluggish and I think he slept through the first 3 innings... and Joe went up to him after the game and gave him a hard time and told him no more sleeping and he better play better next time! ha! :) 

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