Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

{Just the two of us}

Today after i got off work we took Brylee to meet Jackson and Granny and Pap Pap so she would have some Camp GrannyPapPap fun too!!! They were both staying until Saturday!

I will say I don't think RP and I have EVER been in our house alone without our kids for more than 24 hrs in 9 years. I know crazy!!! My parents will keep them for a night here and there and Richard's parents will keep them for a weekend from time to time. Usually when either of our parents keep them we have plans but not this time... we were going to be HOME wed night, thur night and fri night ALL BY OURSELVES with no real plans! To say I was so excited was an understatement!!! Don't misunderstand... I love my kids and would not trade all the time in the world with them for anything but every mommy and daddy need a break and refresh every now and then! :) This was our chance! 

Tonight after we dropped BP off we went out to eat, to wal mart, and then rented a movie. Can I also add that I slept so good? I think as moms we sleep with one eye open and one ear always listening.. this time i could just sleep in my own bed with both eyes and ears "asleep"!   

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