Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

{Jackson's 1st Football Practice}
Today is a day Jackson has waited for since he was probably 4 years old! He has always wanted to play football. Each year we put him off and he has to live his dreams being the water boy for the middle school team. Well, this year we gave in... I guess you could say half way in! :)

This year they offered a rec league where you only have practice twice a week and games once a week and there are only 6 games. I could handle that... I want no part of football practice every single day and my child running until he barfs at this young age... no thank you! :) (I know it is not always like that but we have a little different situation with some of the coaches in Jackson's age group! I will leave it at that... I want throw anyone under the bus! :) )

So Sunday was the day... FOOTBALL PRACTICE DAY!!!! I ask him at the end of practice if it was all he ever dreamed it would be and he said "well, we have not put on pads and hit yet that's when it will be fun"! I guess we will see about that... that comes in a few days! The mommy interruption of that answer is NO but I am not going to tell you that! :)

I personally thought it was boring to watch... Baseball is still MY favorite but it is not about me! :) I personally think the thing he is going to "struggle" with the most is there is not really many opportunities to "shine" in football like there is baseball. Although baseball is a team sport... you still "shine" at the plate and "shine" at your position. Football is not really like that I don't think. At this age... no one really cares if you block because really it is just a big pile of boys in the end. Basically there is about 2 positions at this age the QB and the fast little kid that runs the ball b.c you really don't pass a whole lot at this age from what I see. But I guess only time will tell! We will see how he likes it. I will say it will not hurt my feeling if he doesn't like it! :) I told at least he was a cute little player and looked cute in his uniform.... he could just stand on the sidelines looking cute and get all the girls... he did not have to get all banged up to look cute! :) ha!

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  1. I'm so glad to see him playing this year! I know he will LOVE it! I can't believe how grown he and Brylee are looking now :(