Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012

{Back to Blonde}

I have highlighted my hair since I was probably in high school. I have gone to the same hair girl since I was even younger than that! I have gone other places to have my hair highlighted and they just don't do it the way Tracey does! So I would keep driving forever away having it done. Then I got married, moved even further away from the salon, had kids who are involved in everything under the sun it seems like and it just became such a hassle to make an appointment, drive to the salon, sit there for 2 hours, etc etc so I started going less and less and my roots started getting worse and worse and it was just not a good things. Let's not forget to add getting your hair highlighted is not cheep either! So in October I decided to just go back to my natural color which was basically dish water brown but at least it was all one color and manageable. I was fine with it all fall and winter but when Spring and Summer rolled around I started to miss my blonde highlights! 

Well, back in the Spring one night at baseball I was talking to a baseball mom about her hair and admiring how pretty her highlights were and talking about how I missed mine etc etc. I ask her who did hers and she busted out laughing and said "me"! I about died! I could not believe it. One because they looked so good and two because she just was not the "type" to do her own hair. We had several conversations about it and she finally talked me into actually buying the kit!
Now I bought it and then i had to keep it for a while because I just could not talk myself into actually doing it. Finally I decided one night what the heck it is just hair and I did it. I was shocked there was a cap, a pick to pull it though, the dye mix, gloves, everything just like the salon all in one box. I read the directions word for word and did exactly what it said... I actually did it myself the first time. And it was pretty easy. It said to leave the dye on there for 10 minutes. I figured out that I needed to leave it on their longer but I was a little gun shy my first time! I took before and after pictures and I could actually tell a difference but barely and really no one else could tell. I was just proud of myself for actually doing it and it not turning purple! :)

So fast forward to Saturday and I decided I needed to do it again but this time I would get some help and leave it on there for 30 minutes this time (per advice from my friend). I got KK (my aunt) to help me and then it became a group effort and mom, KK and I ended up all doing some. It did so much better this time and you could really tell. We were all impressed at how good it turned out. Especially my mom because she was very skeptical at the beginning but when it was all said and done she said it looked great. :) And you want to know the best parts... I did it at home, at 8:00 at night, and it only cost 10 bucks! I could do my hair once a month (which i would not) for a year and still not spend the amount of money I would having it done once. Convenience and Price I am sold! 
Finished Product! :) 

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