Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19, 2012

{twas the night before school starts}
Well, it is officially OVER! 
We are all ready for the big day! 
book read, 
clothes ironed and hanging
backpacks ready
snacks packed

Look out 2nd and 4th grade here we come!!!!!

And might I add... both kids were in bed and ASLEEP by 8:30!!!!

I was really worried about brylee... she has a bad case of the "back to school worries" I just knew it was going to be bad!!!! So I prepared for the worse and hoped for the best! We read a book and I laid down with her and rubbed her back and head and she was out by 7:30 but I kept rubbing until 7:45 just to make sure. I felt like i had a newborn again... I worked so hard to get her to sleep I did not want to move! I just laid there with her and prayed silently for her. I just told God I needed her to have a good year. I needed her  to feel safe and loved. God love her last year just did a number on her. We were talking about how sweet Mrs. W was and I told her all the people I had talked to and all the good things they had to say just trying to make her feel better. She told me that her teacher last year was nice at meet the teacher but then she was really not a nice teacher! God love her precious sole!!! We then talked about that "old teacher" was not there this year and she did not have anything to worry about. Mrs. W has been there for a long time and she is "a good teacher" and that is why she is still there. I don't know if that was the right thing or not to say but it seemed to make her feel at ease and she drifted off to sleep! Praying hard for my baby girl!!! 

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