Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012: 1st Day of School

{First Day of School}

Today was the first day of school.
Everyone woke up happy and eager to start their day! 

Jackson... my big 4th grader... 
 Brylee... off to 2nd grade
 Showing off their new backpacks watching for the bus...
 Here comes the bus...
 Both of them pretty much have to ride the bus everyday b.c they are at 2 different schools this year and there it is pretty much impossible to get them both to school on time and not leave at the same time the bus picks up every morning.... so the bus is our option! From what I have heard and seen on facebook I am super glad I am not in the back to school traffic or car line... everyone says it is terrible!

I was so eager for them to come home... I thought about them all day! I could not wait to hear about their day! And here they come running off the bus... Jackson was the first one off and Brylee had to "kiss and tell" all her friends good bye... she is usually the last one off... girls girls! :)
Our annual Back to School Special Snack... I always make them cookies and make them a sign welcoming them home. Sometimes I always wonder if they really "care" about things we as parents do for them. Well they certainly care about 1st Day of School Special Snack! Jackson even ask me this morning... are you going to make us cookies and surprise us when we get home??? Silly Boy! :)
Jackson and Brylee both came home and had great days; I was SO relieved!!! We sat and talked over Cookies and Juice and they shared all the things they enjoyed about their days! Thanking God for answered prayers and looking forward to a great year!

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