Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012: Beach Day 2

{More Fun in the Sun at the Beach}
The seaweed was pretty bad in the ocean while we were there. Jackson and Brylee toughed it out on Friday but they really did not want to have much to do with the ocean on Saturday because of the seaweed so we spent most of the day at the pool! We had a really cool pool with zero entry and water sprayers. I did not take many pictures this day because we spent most of the day in the pool. The Kallaher's came by on their way home and swam a few hours with us and I ran into some sorority sisters so we pretty much just all hung out in the pool and talked. It was fun! 
We went to the beach for a little bit that morning hoping it would be better but it wasn't... mean ole yucky seaweed. But I will take seaweed in the ocean over rain. I was so worried it was going to rain while we were there. The forecast showed scattered thundershowers and the Kallaher's said it rained a good bit in the afternoons during the week. But thankfully we did not see anything more than a sprinkle one night on the way to dinner!

 We enjoyed another day at the beach and pool and then went in and got dressed for dinner and fun! We went to eat at my favorite place LuLu's!!!! I LOVE their fish tacos and they did not dissappoint this time either... so good! We also got the Krispy Kreme bread pudding for dessert and it was so yummy!!!!
While we waited for a table Jackson (brylee attempted but "chickened out" after the first row) climbed this ropes course thing. He loved it... he climbed all the way to the top! :)

 Brylee got her a hair wrap instead of doing the ropes course. oh my! 
 After dinner we "ran" back to the beach and had some quick beach pictures made... we almost ran out of day light but we got them none the less! :)

 Then we went to The Track and rode the sky coaster and go carts. 
It was going to just be me and Jackson but brylee decided at the last minute to join us! 
 We went up 110 feet and Jackson pulled the rip cord and down we went! I rode this with my friends when I was in high school and I don't remember it being very "scary".. I guess you are pretty brave at 16 years old. As we were going up slowly 110 feet I was thinking "OMG this is so high... and I thought my poor kids they are probably about to freak out. As soon as we got to the top Jackson yanked the cord and down we went... Brylee screamed the WHOLE time!!! I remember asking her do you like this and she said YES! I was shocked! They both got done and said THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!! :)
After the sky coaster the kids rode go carts... we have come a long way... they could ride the big track by themselves... I can't believe it. We have been driving them on these go carts since they were itty bitty and now they can drive themselves! :(

Are we surprised JP got an Alabama car! Oh my! 
Fun times!!! We were all pooped after a full day of fun! 

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