Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

{idarkroom school picture day}
Do you have the app idarkroom? 
It is super cool... I love it!! 
It has TONS of editing tools for pictures... way more than instagram! 

This was Brylee Friday morning before school...
it was school picture day!!! 
She chose her shirt... I let it go! 
I know pick your jaw up... I LET IT GO!!!!
Not what I would have picked 
but honestly she would look like a big ole dork in my pick...
a smocked ABC apple bishop 
and a ginormous red bow
not that we have one... the dress not the bow :)
but it is what I dream about when I think about school pictures...
yes we have plenty of school pictures in apple ABC blue bishops....
and I love them
but I love our new "big girl" clothes too...
be still my heart

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