Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012

{Brylee's 1st Auburn Game}

GoGo and Grandaddy have Auburn season tickets this year so Brylee and I got to tag along with them for the first game. It was Brylee's first Auburn football game! She had a good time! She loved all the pre game shows and was good to go through the first quarter but during the second quarter she got hot and beginning to ask when it was over! ha! :) So we stayed until the half time show was over b.c she likes all the dances, and cheerleaders. I think her favorite part was when Auburn scored and the boy cheerleaders would fly the flags and the cheerleaders tumbled down the in zones. I am pretty sure she had not clue there was even a football game going on or that there were football players on the field! The joys of an Auburn football game through a 7 yr old girls eyes! After the half time show she was ready to go shopping! Oh my her GoGo has created a monster! :) We had a great day and Brylee racked up on all kinds of Auburn loot too thanks to GoGo and Grandaddy! :) 

Here we are ready to go all decked out in our orange and blue!!
This is what brylee did the first quarter.... stood up and cheered THE WHOLE TIME!!!
She was even do her own little cheers she does and would just change the words to Auburn...
we were dying laughing at her! :) 
 She loved all the "things" the band made during their performances! 
Me and My girl...War Eagle!!!
We thinks it's great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!
Win or loose; bad team or good team!!! 
It's all fun to us!!!
War Eagle, Anyway!!!! 

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