Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012

{Game Day}
Jackson had Game Day after school today! Game Day is when the students stay after school from 3 to 6 and play games, ride rides, spray paint their hair, paint their finger nails, eat and hang out with their friends. It is like their very own fall festival... the parents pay $20 for the kids to go... they go after school and the best part is that the parents or siblings don't get to attend... that was Jackson's favorite part... we just had to pick him up in a car rider line at 6:00! He had a great time... as you can see he came home with a tattoo on his face, his hair painted red, BUT what you can't see is that his fingernails are PAINTED!!! Ha!!! From what I understand more of the boys got their nails painted than the girls. Silly Boys!! JP had a great time and he was tired!!! :) And I must say that was the BEST 20 bucks I ever spent!!!!

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