Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27, 2012

{Jackson's Homecoming Game}
Jackson plays on a football league where they don't have cheerleaders... well they have parents who act like cheerleaders but they don't technically have "real cheerleaders". So the moms "act" as the cheerleaders each week. We make them bust through banners for each game and for their homecoming game this week we decorated their doors and then took their posters to the game too. 

This was Jackson's door poster and yard sign that we ordered for him! 
 About to run through the banner...

There are 2 rec football teams for Jackson's age group and this week they played the other team. JP loved playing against his friends... he told me everyone he "lit up" after the game was over! Oh my... BOYS!!!! The best part for Jackson and the Chelsea Raiders were that the beat the Chelsea Lions 14 to 7!!! YAY and they are still undefeated!!!

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