Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20, 2012: Brylee's AG Birthday Trip

One of Brylee's birthday request was to go back to Atlanta and stay in a hotel and go to the AG store and pick out her birthday present. So that is exactly what we did. We went to Atlanta Friday did some shopping and stayed in a hotel room and then Saturday we went to the AG store and did some birthday shopping!!!

We took Molly, our first AG doll with us too! 
 Shopping for some new doll clothes! 
 Picking out her "favorites" and filling her shopping bag with possible purchases 
 Then it was Molly's hair apt time; so we headed to the salon to get Molly's hair done!
 Molly's New Do... Piggy Tale Braids
After Molly was done with her hair apt; it was time to check out the possible purchases in our shopping bag and see what she had in her bag and what else she needed. She had picked out several new outfits for Molly. I was adding the total up for her and seeing what she had spend and what she had left to spend and all of a sudden she said I don't want these outfits I want Caroline (the new doll of the year) and off we went to pick up Caroline. I am not sure what happened in her little brain... she had gone back and forth with what she wanted on the way over there and had studied that AG catalog front to back for days and days.

She picked out Caroline and an outfit and accessories for Molly and that was what she decided on!!! At least she knows what she wants!
 So excited about her new AG doll Caroline from GoGo and Grandaddy!!! 
Good Bye AG; see you real soon!!! 

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