Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012: Brylee's Cupcake Birthday Party

Happy 8th Birthday Brylee!!!! 

We had Brylee's Birthday Party on Sunday at a local cupcake bakery. We had a great time; it was such a cute party! The girls had so much fun baking, decorating, and of course eating the cupcakes. Check out Birthday Party Picture Palooza!!!! 
Her invite...  
It's the birthday girl!!!! 
 Happy Birthday Chef Brylee!!!! 
 All decorated up...
 Party products.. I ordered the cup labels and the cupcake toppers
 from the same place I order the invitations!
Ready to make cupcakes! 

Step 1: The girls filled the cupcake liners with cake batter.
They made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes! 
While the cupcakes baked the girls decorated their cupcake boxes with foam stickers! 
Then it was PRESENT TIME!!!!!! 
Step 2: Ice the cupcakes... this was probably their favorite part...
so fun squeezing icing on cupcakes... 
the owner was so sweet to make pink and lime icing for brylee...
she usually just does vanilla but she tinted the icing pink and green for B!!! 
icing her cupcakes... 
whos child is this that picks 3 vanilla cupcakes???
ha not mine b.c i would have had all chocolate!! :)
Showing off her masterpiece cupcakes...
think she got enough icing on the one in the middle :) 
Then it was time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYLEE!!!!!
make a WISH!!!! 
All the girls got to pick one cupcake to eat and then took the other too home!!! 
The cupcakes were so pretty and yummy too!!! 
We had a great time! I could not say enough great things about the party! It was super easy and FUN!!!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!! 


  1. What a super cute party!! Happy Birthday, Brylee girl! I can't believe you are 8! I didn't realize she was so close in age to 6 months apart.

  2. Bryllee’s birthday celebration looks like a ton of fun! It’s definitely not a common theme, I can give you that. Haha! I like how the kids could make their own recipe and bake their own cupcake. They could even decorate it the way they wanted it! Well, I’m sure that’s a birthday celebration Brylee won’t forget anytime soon!