Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22, 2012

{Happy Thanksgiving}
What a wonderful thanksgiving we had. We ate lunch at my parents house and just hung out there with my mom's family all day and just enjoyed each others company. I truly have so much to be thankful for and have so many blessings to count! 

As I think about our thanksgiving holiday this year I am truly thankful for simplicity. Thanksgiving was just simple! We slept late, woke up and ate breakfast at home and watched the parade as a family. We all got dressed at our leisure and finished up our cooking in between. We did not have to be at my parents until 1:00. There was plenty of time in the morning to just sit and enjoy without all the rushing around and stressfulness that comes with the holiday hustle and bustle. I certainly don't want to wish Jackson and Brylee's life away but I will say I don't miss holidays in the baby/toddler years. Sure I miss smocked turkey bishops and polka a dot shoes, longalls, and turkey tees and the joy of experiencing all the holiday first but i don't miss chasing one (or two) tired whiny off scheduled no nap toddlers. It was so nice to eat a nice meal, enjoy adult conversation, play cards, and just hang out; all while the children fixed their own plates, ate at the kids table, and entertained themselves by playing football and xbox with cousins, riding bikes, and playing games on the computer or ipad. I am truly grateful for the simplicity of our thanksgiving day!  

I hope each of you had a wonderful thanksgiving season and if you are not to the simply thanksgiving days.. hang in there... they are coming... it's worth the wait! I promise!  

Give thanks to the Lord, for HE is GOOD; His love endures forever!!!  

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