Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24, 2012

{Iron Bowl}

Jackson was BEGGING RP to take him to the Iron Bowl. So they decided to go; he told them they were only going down there and sit with some friends who tailgate and have a TV in their tent and they were going to watch the game there; they are not going into the game! Well, someone had a little surprise for JP and they ended up buying 2 tickets that also came with food passes on the scholarship level... he was so excited!!! It was a dream come true for sure!!! It made JP's day!!! 

Look who was hanging out in the quad??? 

Daddy and JP at the iron bowl... 

Brylee and I stayed back and went shopping with GoGo 
and pick out her pageant dress
We still supported our team... win or loose! 

 After about the 1st quarter we had about all the football game we could handle... 
especially since we do not care... we went to verizon and welcomed GoGo to the 21st century!
It's about time!!!! 
She is loving it now that she has it!!! And since she has an ipad the learning curve was not near as bad as I anticipated. She can actually text now... hallelujah... and we even faced timed while I decorated my Christmas tree... her teaching me how to make a deco mess bow via face time! What did we do before technology??? 

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