Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1, 2012- Miss Merry Christmas

Brylee was in the Miss Merry Christmas Pageant in our area this weekend. She gets so excited every year when the form comes home and I try and hide it and hope she will forget about it but she never does! Pageant Mom I am NOT... No Honey B@@ B@@ here! :) Pageants bring out the "ugly" in me and it stresses me out but she enjoys it so we do it and thankfully GoGo comes to the rescue to help us get dressed! 

We decided that we could rent her dress this year because going to buy a dress for here in a retail store is not fun; lets just say they leave a lot to be desired! That was probably the most fun part. She loved trying on all the dresses and picking her favorite one. She is a 1st dress kind of girl. She put the pink on first and loved it. She tried on several others but went back to the pink one every time! The best part was it was a one stop shop... dress, shoes, slip, earrings, and barrette!

Brylee enjoyed doing the pageant but she was really nervous this year more so than any other year. She kept telling me backstage she was going to be sick, she was thirty, she was hot etc. We kept going outside to cool off and one of her friends had a mt dew and after that she started to feel better. All I could think about was please don't barf on this dress on my!!! 

Brylee girl you looked beautiful... my little Holiday Barbie! :) 

 Sweet friends... Brylee, Avery, Abbie and Heidi

 Brylee and sweet Mallee our neighbor... she won in the 3rd through 5th grade category!!! 
She looked beautiful and did great!!! 

Brylee girl we are so proud of you! You looked beautiful and so grown up!!!! Baby girl I hope you always know win or loose, you are a winner in our eyes! Most importantly baby girl I hope you always know beauty come from with in your heart; not in a pink dress or beauty pageant!

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