Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012

{How many people does it take...}
to figure out how to put GoGo's Christmas Tree together????

GoGo calls RP every year to come help her put her tree up...honestly b.c he is the one that will take the time to look at the plugs and plug them up in the right spot...someone who shall remain nameless doesn't have the patience for that! :) Apparently, it needed to be a group effort... one holding the flash light, 2 looking for plugs and one actually plugging them in! You would also think by looking at the picture that it is Christmas in July being that 3 of the 4 have on shorts... nope just 75 in december... welcome to the south... where we wear shorts on Thanksgiving and Christmas and sweaters with our Easter Dresses! :)

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