Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012: Santa

{Santa Claus}
We went to see Jolly Ole Saint Nick tonight! Jackson and Brylee have been begging to go see him so we decided to go tonight. We always go to Brookwood Mall to see Santa; just as Jackson said on the way home looking at the picture "Mom I know this is the real Santa because he looks the same every year"... you are exactly right buddy... hanging on by a thread! Then we always go to Jason's Deli and eat afterwards! Fun memories and traditions. 
I am not sure what Santa is asking here but I love their expressions.... looks like it might be the "have you been good??? question!!!!
I guess we will see if they have been good or not on Christmas morning??? They both ask for iphones and a trampoline and brylee wants a furby and jackson wants the new football game for xbox. They better be good or they might just get switches, ashes, and coal!!! :)

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