Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Pictures by Kim Sharit

Back in October, we had family pictures take by Kim Sharit. She did an amazing job and i LOVE every single picture she took!!!! We have not had "real" family pictures taken since Brylee was a toddler! By "real" I mean I have not hired a photographer.... now don't get me wrong I have super talented friends that have graciously taken our pictures over the years that I love too and I am so thankful for them but I always come up with the idea and "tell" them what to do. But this time I just wanted to show up and let her lead and that is exactly what she did. I was sick of every single place in a 20 mile radius of our house... we have done mt laurel to death, morris avenue, red barn, football field... I feel like we have done it all so I was more than happy to drive across town and just get to show up and smile! :) Now I did my fair share of stressing out about what we were all going to wear (NOT khaki and white) ha! or all the same color and that was enough stress for me... along with getting everyone ready too!  

I have almost 100 pictures but I just shared 10 of my favorite but I saved my 3 very favorites b.c I am using those for my Christmas Card so once I get those out I will post that here too!!! Enjoy!!! (and go contact kim for your pictures... awesome and reasonable which are two things that are hard to find) 

When you come to my house and it look like a Jackson and Brylee shrine; you can thank Kim!!!! 

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