Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review...

Greetings from the car... maybe I am the last one to the party but an iphone hotspot is way cool... I can blog from the laptop riding down the road using my iphone as wifi! OK so if you knew this congrats I did not so don't bust my bubble!!! *** But my battery died on my lap top before I finished so I am just now finishing our year in Review!!! ***

What a year 2012 has been! In one since January 2012 seems forever away and in other since it seems like it was yesterday! When I think of words that describe 2012 for our family; words such as fear, thankfulness, trust, friendships, love, growing up, fun, family, and achievements come to mind.

As I was talking to RP on the way home about 2012 I told him that last year was a hard year; it was not our best year. He said why do say that? I said well the first 3 months of 2012 was consumed with Brylee and her appendicitis! We talked about how hard that was but yet how much we learned from that experience. January 20th will be a date we will never forget! We learned to trust and lean on God like never before. We watched our community, church family, and family and friends wrap their arms around us, pray for us, and love us though one of the hardest time in our lives. We are forever changed and are so thankful for our brave healthy baby girl!

RP then said but 2012 was a great year too! We went to Disney World and the beach! We were a part of a great basketball team, a fun baseball team, an all star team that went to play in the World Series, and a member of a football team that made it to the championship round! I was so thankful for his positive outlook... he is right 2012 had its trail and tribulations but it was also full of triumphs as well

January 2012: I can not even think about the month of January or really the beginning of 2012 without thinking about Brylee's 2 week stay at Children's Hospital and really our 2 month process of her battle with appendicitis! I learned I had a BRAVE baby girl and I am so so so thankful for her health! God is Good!

February 2012: February was a month of celebration; we got to come home from the hospital and live under one roof again, we celebrated daddy's birthday, and valentines day! 
March 2012: In March we said good bye to Mr. Appendix and Brylee came through surgery like a champ! We enjoyed a low key spring break so Brylee could heal from her surgery! Baseball for Jackson was in full swing!!! 
April 2012: The weather was warming up and we finally felt like Brylee's appendix issue was officially behind us. She got the all clear from her doctor and she was back to normal. We celebrated with our 1st weekend at the lake of the season! We also celebrated mommy's birthday and Easter! 

May 2012: We kicked off May celebrating Jackson's birthday. Then it was off to Disney World... where  dreams really do come true! We had a BLAST!!! Then it was time for all things to wind down... school was ending, baseball was coming to a close and summer was right around the corner!!!! yay!!!
June 2012: June brought on SUMMER!!! It was full of summer camps, VBS, lots of all star baseball, and swimming!!!! We were enjoying the fun in the sun!!!! 
July 2012: July was all about baseball!!!!! Jackson and his baseball team went to the Dizzy Dean World Series in Southhaven, MS!  It was definitely a chance of a life time for him and something he will remember for a long time!  I will say we loved every minute of our baseball summer but we were glad to see it come to an end! We were ready to enjoy the rest of the summer! 
August 2012: We started August off with a family vacation to the beach. It was a much needed vacation and we had a great time! Then it was back home to enjoy the last little bit of summer and then school started back along with football and cheer leading! 
September 2012: September brought on football, football, and more football! Daddy was coaching middle school football, Jackson was playing his first year of football, and Brylee was cheering for football as well! Not to mention college football; Jackson and Daddy went to cheer on the Tide and Brylee went to her 1st Auburn football game with mommy, gogo, and grandaddy! 
October 2012: October brought lots of fall fun! From Fall Festivals and Parties to Halloween, Brylee's birthday and a trip to the American Girl Store, and football and cheer leading were still going strong. It was a fun and busy fall! 
November 2012: Our busy fall was coming to a close. November brought the end of Jackson's football season, Thanksgiving, and then it was time to get ready for Christmas!!! 
December 2012: December was all things Christmas! From Christmas decorations to parties, going to see Santa and family gatherings and of course a visit from the guy in the big red suit! We ended a year that started out rough celebrating all month long with our family and ringing in the new year with our friends!!!! 

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