Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, we have kicked off the new year busier than ever. I have decided that is the norm around here and we would not want it any other way!  In 2013 we are just going to embrace the chaos.  I have decided that there is no since in getting stressed out about all that is going on; we are just going to roll with it!! Here's to embracing the chaos in 2013!!!! 

It was back to school January 3rd; Christmas break went by way to fast!!!
Half way through the year means we are half way closer to summer!!!! YAY!!! 

My Sassy Second grader ready to start the second half of the year! 
Brylee is having a great year making lots of friends, learning lots, and loving her teacher!!! 
All bundled up and ready for the bus...
JP is ready for fun in 4th grade...
Jackson is having a great year too; learning lots and enjoying his time at CHIS!!! 
School started back and so did winter sports. Brylee had originally decided she did not want to cheer basketball but then JP was having basketball practice the same time they were having cheer practice and so she decided she wanted to cheer. Nothing like going to practice on Friday night for the first time and then cheering the next day at the game... embracing the chaos and rolling with the punched!!! She is having a blast cheering with her baseball buddy Riley G. These two have spent countless hours supporting their brothers play sports together. They are just excited they get to do something together! Fun times!!! 

 All these baseball buddies supporting their sisters and brothers!!! 
Sunday JP had his basketball game... YES if you are following along we go to the gym once for Brylee to cheer and then back for Jackson to play basketball! We love spending our weekend at the gym! ha! :) Good thing we get to hang out with our friends while we are there! :)
Coach Daddy... that is always interesting... you just never know what that is going to bring! :)
Not only are we doing Basketball and Cheerleading we can't keep things easy and simple around here that would just be way too easy!!! Jackson is playing travel baseball this year and they have already started practicing for that too... so he has baseball practice one night a week and sometimes on the weekend too weather permitting. Brylee also started a hip hop dance class once a week... she has only been once but she loved it. She loves to sing and "shake that booty" so I thought she would enjoy we gave it a try last week and she gave it 2 thumbs up! Lots of fun going on around our house!

Hope you are enjoying 2013 too! 

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