Thursday, February 7, 2013

iPhone Picture Dump

Wow! I think I just might do 2 posts in one night!!!! Here go massive iPhone picture dump!!!

Every afternoon when the kids get home from school we all 3 sit in the big black chair and they eat us out of house and home... I promise I think I could have dinner ready at 3:30 when they get home and they would eat. They don't stay long but long enough to get their bellies some what full and then they off to burn some energy!
We cleaned our room! Ha! I know that sounds like such a kid thing to say but I love a clean room but I hate cleaning it???? Anyone else??? We also got a new to us nightstand so RP and I both have a night stand with drawers. It's the small things in life!!!
We love Family Movie Night!!! We all went to the movies to see Parental Guidance. It was really cute! We laughed and laughed! Yes it is winter and notice the boys have on shorts!!! ha! :) got to love the south! It's how they roll!
I love my sissy pooh hoo! 
We celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Brylee's battle with appendicitis! It is a time in our life we will never forget; a time we prayed so hard and trusted Our Heavenly Father so much to heal our baby girl! All though the road was long and bumpy; we are so thankful to celebrate a healthy baby girl one year later! To God be the Glory!
Sister said good bye to her butterfly ex-spander thingy that was in the top of her mouth for about the last 9 months. She was glad to get it out... one less piece of metal in her mouth! Now we are just straightening up those pearly whites... I can't wait to see her extra beautiful smile hopefully soon! 
Last week Brylee had Math Night at school and she insisted that the whole family went! Just what we wanted to do... especially daddy... b.c he doesn't know enough about math in the school system! :) ha!
She was proud to show us her room and for use to see how they learn math everyday!
*** I have to add a funny about Brylee's work; since you can't see it in the picture! It was recently the 100th day of school and they had a little questionnaire they had to answer... one question was "If I had 100 friends I would...." Sister writes... Take them to the casino???? Ha I laughed out loud when I read that and then I thought Seriously?!?!?! Sister... I am sure her teacher thinks we are big gamblers or something??? Since RP and I might have been to the casino a total of 3 times in our almost 12 years of marriage! Kids... what will we do with them!!! ***

Moving right along... with an awkward "self picture"... but I got my hair CHOPPED and highlighted... there was hair everywhere! It was really long! I think she cut like 10 inches off! Tracy that cuts my hair and has for 23 years... i know WOW! Said I don't think I have seen your hair that long or dark since you were in high school! So good bye long hair... hello sassy new do!
Then it was brylee's turn... she is letting her hair grow out b.c she wants to do piggy tail braids and fun stuff like that with her hair! I am ok with growing it out long even though I do miss the cute little bob haircut but I know she is about to give me the big ole X on bows and ribbons in her hair so I am trying to prepare myself now so I can still do something with it beside let is hang in her face... that drives me crazy... I can't do that! She thinks she has to be in the 8th grade to wear it down and long... I hope she continues to believe that but I have a feeling she want! :(
When Brylee went to her spend the night birthday party we told Jackson he could invite a friend over to spend the night at our house! So he invited his buddy Carson over and they put up his tent he got for christmas 2 years ago in our downstairs basement and they camped out! I think they had fun! :)
All snug and ready for bed!!! 
Well I think that pretty much sums up January and the beginning of February with our little family!!! I promise I will try not to stay away so long this time... b/c I know yall miss me right?!?!?! {wink wink}!

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