Saturday, March 16, 2013

February Fun!!!

We had lots of February Fun going on in the Powers household. 

Brylee continued to cheer for the basketball games. She had lots if fun cheering!  

One of her favorite cheers... 
H-O-T-T-O-G-O... Chelsea Hornets are Hot to Go! Whoop Whoop Hot to Go! 

Half Time Show... to Call me Maybe!!!

Brylee's class went to Children's Theater to Young Ab Lincoln and I was lucky enough to be a chaperon and I even got to ride the cheese wagon! :) 
February 10th is Daddy's Birthday!!! But I got an exciting text early that morning from my BFF Katy letting me know she was in labor! :) EEEKKK! SO of course I jumped up, got dressed, and rushed to the hospital to welcome sweet baby Maggie Charles into the World! :)

Celebrating Daddy's birthday at GoGo and Grandaddy's Saturday Night before his birthday! 
We went out to dinner and then had cupcakes afterwards! 
Sweet Sissy... 
the first time she got all dressed for dinner and did not wear a bow...
the bows are slowly making their way out of our house :( 
my baby girl is growing up! 
 Happy Birthday Daddy! 
Sunday evening, Daddy's real birthday, we had our families over for dinner and dessert! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Brylee's Valentine Box we made... 
 Valentine Surprises from Mommy and Daddy and GoGo and Grandaddy
 A New Shirt from GoGo and Grandaddy...
and how about some lovely bed head to go with it!?!?!
 A new sling purse full of goodies from GoGo and Granddaddy! 
 When you are cool the sun shines all the time!!!! 
We gave Jackson and Brylee real big kid sunglasses. 
They love them! 
 Then we look them to Airwalk after school for their other surprise!!!! 

They had a great time running around and play! 
I must say I am sad Airwalk is closing :(
Then we came home and ate Olive Garden to go that daddy brought us all home! 

That seems to be all the pictures I have from February... I am not sure what we did the last half of the month! 

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