Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guess What Brylee???

We are going to NEW YORK CITY!!!! 
IN 2 WEEKS!!!! 

So here is how that whole trip came about! 

On Thursday, February 21, 2013 I get a text from my mom that says "tell katie to plan a trip and we will go?" At first I am confused thinking Katie trip what??? For some reason; I check facebook and see that Katie has pictures on facebook from our last 2 trips and a caption that says "I wish we had a girls trip planned this spring???" So then it all came together! Then I thought how fun would it be to bring Brylee along too! Everyone was all on board with her going so it was a done deal. I wanted to think of a way to tell Brylee that would be fun and I really wanted Princess Katie to tell her! So we planned the trip Thursday... made flights, booked hotels, etc... and then we took Brylee over to Katie's house on Friday so she could tell her. I added the video of Katie asking Brylee to go to NYC with her at the bottom (i hope it worked???). Her expression was so sweet and cute! :) So we began to count down the days until we left! Look out NYC here comes Brylee!!! 

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