Saturday, March 16, 2013

New York City Day 1

The day had finally come... we were leaving for NYC!!!! 
(Now let me say I did not take my good camera to NYC so it just iphone pics from the trip!)

We woke up bright and early Thursday morning (like 5:00am) so we could get dressed, get to the airport, check in and get ready to board our 7:00am direct flight from BHM to NYC!!! 

Brylee is ready to check her brand new pink suitcase on wheels that her granddaddy bought her especially for the trip!

All the girls ready to board the plane!!! 
Laura, GoGo, Me, Brylee, and Princess Katie! 
(Background on why Brylee calls Katie "Princess Katie"... so when Brylee had her 1st birthday party we had a "our little princess is turning 1" theme and this was also during the time we were supporting Katie while she was competing in Miss AL and we ask Katie to come to Brylee's 1st birthday dressed up like a princess and of course she did. Well, I also have a BFF named Katy and so therefore as Brylee began to grow up having 2 Katie/Katy's was confusing to her and she has always talked like she was 25 even when she was 18 mths old; so we needed to figure out a way to distinguish the 2 Katie/Katy's. So, my BFF Katy just stayed "Katy" and Katie became "Princess Katie" and Brylee literally calls her Princess Katie EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. she calls her name just like it is part of her name!  Which needless to say is quiet funny as you are shopping through NYC and Brylee is calling "Princess Katie" all through the stores... we got a few head turns and whispers where employees & cab drivers were thinking and trying to figure out who "Princess Katie" really was and what she was the "Princess" of... little did they realized she was the princess at a one year old birthday party! ) OK so now back to NYC... 

We rode on a smaller plane (than the one we flew on when we went to Disney last spring) so we did not board from the airport we actually had to walk outside and down the lane to board the plane! Brylee was amazed that we got to go outside to get on the plane!
Look out NYC here comes Brylee... boarding the plane!!!! 
Mommy and Brylee ready to fly to NYC!!! 
1st girls trip!!!! 
The flight attendant let Brylee sit in her seat while we were taxiing to the gate once we landed in NYC! 
We got off the plane and headed downstairs to find our luggage and get a taxi to our hotel! 
Little did we realize, that Laura and Princess Katie had a surprise for Brylee... 
They hired us a driver... Brylee was so funny when she saw him holding her name... she said why does that man have my name on that piece of paper??? So we had to explain to her that he would be taking us to our hotel! We all got to ride in a big ole Mercedes Bus (like what J&K Plus8 had)! b.c that is the only thing all 5 of us and our luggage could all ride in together!  I think she is excited????
We went to our hotel, checked our luggage, grabbed our coats, gloves, and hats and off to eat lunch and shop in NYC we went!
Brylee's first time on the Subway! 
Funny enough the Subway was one of her favorite things about the trip! 

She can tell you all about how to get a metro card, how to slide it and wait for the "GO" to pop up on the screen and then you go through the turn style and then you have to hold someones hand and stay away from the tracks until the subway stops and then you have to go into the subway and sit down until our stop. You also have to always be in the middle of us! She had the rules down pat! :) 

1st stop on the shopping trail was Bloomingdale's! 

We also went to Magnolia Bakery inside Bloomingdale's to get a cupcake! 
Yum! We ate a cupcake a day while we were in NYC! oink! 
they were yummy!!! 

Then it was off to shop and make our first purchase! 
Every trip we always go to Bloomingdales and buy Bloomies (pantees that say bloomies across the booty)! 
In the past, I have always brought them home to Brylee but this time she got her own little brown bag and picked out her own pack of bloomies! :) 
Next Stop... Dylan's Candy Bar 
Brylee had been looking at pictures of this place online before we went! She was most excited about sitting in the cupcake booth! She got her a little candy case and filled it full of all different kinds of candy! 
After all our shopping, it was time to go back to the hotel, check in our room, change clothes and get ready for the evening. We went to eat dinner and then went to see Cinderella on Broadway! I don't have any pictures from this night b.c it was sleeting/raining like crazy! It was a mess needless to say! We were doing good to walk 2 blocks to eat and get to the theater without getting soaking wet! :)

We went to see Cinderella which I know is not really a "well known" Broadway show but we had to make sure we picked one (we had not seen before) with appropriate content for an 8 year old and one that she would like and understand too! This really was good. A few of my favorite parts where the horse drawn carriage that they peddled and it really moved it was so cool, Cinderella changed clothes on stage 3 times... she would have her "rags" on and do a twirl and boom she would have a beautiful dress on... we would all look at each other like how did she do that??? It was so cool! Fairy godmother also flew several times across the stage and it was really cool too! It was a great play and even though it was long Brylee enjoyed it too!

Well that wraps up Day One of NYC!!!! 

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