Saturday, March 23, 2013

NYC Day 2

Day 2 of NYC we woke up to SNOW!!!! Brylee, was of course, very excited about the SNOW! Being from Alabama we don't see snow very often! We had to quickly explain to her that NYC snow and BHM snow are 2 different things. They don't get the pretty white fluffy CLEAN snow that we get; they get the nasty, dirty, yucky SNIRT (snow mixed with dirt).

Snow in NYC also puts a damper on things too. It was freezing and wet! As you can see, it might as well been raining b.c we had to use our rain jackets and umbrellas and it was just a plan ole mess!
After breakfast, we headed out for another fun filled day of shopping!!! Due to the snowy mess we rode cabs to get where we were going as apposed to walking in the snowy mess. Princess Katie and Brylee in the cab; Brylee's first cab ride!
GoGo, Mommy, and Brylee ready to shop!!! 
Mrs. Laura, Princess Katie, and Brylee
OK so the snow might be pretty in some parts of NYC! 
I thought it was so funny b.c this much snow in BHM would have shut the town down; but not in NYC they carry on with life like its a bright and sunny day! 

Next Stop, AMERICAN GIRL!!!!!! 
Brylee was so excited she could not wait to go to the American Girl Store! And let me just say this store was awesome. It was 3 floors the 1st floor had all the "big doll stuff", the 2nd floor with the historic section, cafe and the salon, and the 3rd floor was the bitty baby section & photo studio! 

We have been to the AG store in Atlanta and I guess I am glad we went their 1st b.c if Brylee had gone to NYC 1st Atlanta would have been such a disappointment. Atlanta is tiny compared to the NYC! 

First stop was the salon to get Molly's hair done. Even the salon is bigger at NYC look at all the chair! 
Sweet Mrs. Laura and Princess Katie bought Brylee and Molly a matching outfit. They both got hoddie sweatshirts that say American Girl New York and then her doll got some jeans so they would really match! Then Princess Katie fixed Brylee's hair to look like her dolls hair too!
Then we went up to the Photo Studio and Brylee and her doll got their pictures made together and they put it on the cover of an American Girl magazine for here. It was super cool!

Then we headed back downstairs to shop for some new outfits and "stuff" for Molly! Molly got some new clothes, some braces, hair stuff and some other little "junk" too that I can't remember what it was! :)

Brylee had a blast in the NYC American Girl Store! 

That night we went to eat dinner at one of my favorite NYC spots... Ellen's Star Dust Diner!!!! It is so much fun! The waiter and waitresses sing and dance the whole time. It was a lot of fun! Here is our waitress singing! 
Brylee with our sweet waitress! 
Then it was time for a night out in Time Square! 
Brylee in Time Square! 
All the girls in Time Square! 
Then we went to Toys R Us and rode the Ferris Wheel inside the store! 
we rode in the M&M car! 
Then it was off to the M&M store!!! 
Well, that pretty much concludes day 2 of our NYC trip... lots of shopping and eating!!!! What's not to LOVE!

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