Saturday, March 23, 2013

NYC Day 3

Today was a beautiful day in NYC! There was no snow, the sun was out, and there was not a cloud in the sky!!!! It was actually pretty warm for NYC too! We were off for some more shopping!!!

While we were shopping we saw Freedom Tower! 
After shopping at Century 21, it was off to shop on canal street aka china town!!!! 
Now I was not all into taking pictures b.c I was all in to keeping tabs on my child! 
I did not want her to go missing behind any of the secret doors or walls! :) 

After lots of shopping and lots of fun purchases we were off to lunch! 
We ate at Lombardi's in Little Italy... NYC's oldest pizzeria! 
We did lots of shopping in NYC but we did lots of eating too! 
Especially this day, I think we ate our way through NYC! 

I love food trucks... I think they are so cool! 
I would love to go to one of these food truck vendor markets and just eat and eat! 
The craz is slowly making it's way south but nothing like it is in other places! 

This is a crepes food truck! Yummy! 
It was so good! 
Our crepe... with chocolate and strawberries YUMMY! 

Then we stopped off at this little bakery and ate canoli's  
Love these 2!!!!! 
By this point in the day, we had done LOTS of walking!!!! I think Laura was like oh we have only walked like 3 miles today... ONLY! Gezzz... in boots I might add! Our next stop was Macy's! By this point I was too tired to shop! So I found me a Starbucks and sat down and rested!!!!
We had shopped until we dropped and I had officially dropped! :) 

I sat at a booth, took my boots off, propped my feet up on my bag, and I may or may not have fallen asleep while mom and brylee went to get a snack and drink at the counter! :) 
They was I look at it I don't know any of these people in NYC and will never see them again! Ha! :) It was a great little rest it was time to shop and eat more!

Tonight after dinner we were suppose to go ice skating in Central Park but it was closed by the time we got there! That was the only time Brylee cried the whole trip! She was disappointed! :( Other than that she was a trooper the whole trip... b.c there was LOTS of walking but she trucked right along!

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