Sunday, April 7, 2013

Georgia Aquarium

On Monday of Spring Break we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We have never been before but have always talked about going and taking Jackson and Brylee. I will be honest RP was all about it and I was a little hesitant; only b.c our kids have lots of energy and like to do "fun things" and I was not sure how "fun" walking around an aquarium looking at fish was going to be. But surprisingly, they really enjoyed it. Now Jackson did say, after our first section of the aquarium that we went it, is this all we are going to do walk around and look at fish?? You can go ahead and bet your bottom dollar I looked at RP like I told you so! :) But when RP said Yes; he said OK and was good with it and made the best of it. Now Brylee on the other hand was all about it; she loved everything! 

One of our favorite parts was the large white beluga whales. They were fun to watch and they LOVED Brylee.  They would swim right up to the glass and "talk" to her and "play" with her. The guide even came over to us and ask us if we were taking pictures b.c he had not seem them interact with people like this before. It really was cool!

 my favorite picture... its like he was giving her a kiss! 

 As you see, Jackson was up there too but the whale was not interested in him like he was Brylee!
 They had fun in all the other exhibits as well! 

 We went to see the 3D movie kind of like nemo
 playing in the play place....
 silly boy... 
It was a fun family day; I am glad we went but I am glad we waited until they were older too. We were there for about 4 hours. The best part was the dolphin show... both kids really enjoyed that but we could not take any pictures of it! :( Then we went to the Varsity afterwards to eat before we headed home!

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