Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Fun!

A few nights before Easter we dyed Easter Eggs. Much to my surprise Jackson and Brylee were all into dying Easter eggs. I knew Brylee would be but I was surprised Jackson was not too cool yet! :) 

Making lots of pretty eggs! 

The Sunday before Easter our Sunday School class had a picnic and an egg hunt after church. We went to the park and ate and then the kids hunted eggs. It had rained about 3 days straight before we did the egg hunt so needless to say the park was a sloppy muddy mess. As you can see Brylee slipped but caught herself thank goodness or that would have been melt down city! JP only had his good shoes on so he changed into rain boots that were in the car... yes he has on shorts and rain boots... oh well! There was a time in my life that I would have died and ruined 8 pairs of shoes before I let him hunt eggs in public with people I knew looking like this but I have gotten wise in my old age! :)

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