Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jackson is 10!!!!

Top Ten Things about You!!!!

1. You are full of ENERGY!!! From the time you get up until the time you go to sleep you are 90 to nothing. We joke that you have a switch; you turn it on in the morning and off in the evening. 
2. You are a MORNING person!!!! You set your alarm every night for 6:00 am when it goes off you get up on your own and get in the shower. You are usually getting out of the shower when i get up! Then you get dressed and are ready for the day! 
3. You have the BIGGEST HEART of anyone I know!!!! . 
4. You are a very GIVING person!!!! You would give someone the shirt off your back and never think twice. You always want to take extra money to school on Kona Ice Day or Popcorn Day so you can buy for someone who did not bring their money! 
5. You are always CONCERNED about others!!! If someone gets hurt on the ball field you are the first person to go down on one knee until the get up. You are always the first person to go check on them after the game and ask if they are ok. You are the "class nurse" too; you are always taking friends to the nurse who are hurt! 
6. You are an ATHLETIC person!!! You play all sports... football, basketball & baseball... you would play other stuff if we actually had time! 
7. You love MATH SCIENCE & SOCIAL STUDIES but reading writing & spelling are not your favorite!!! I thinks its safe to say you did not get that from your mom... math is not my strongest point! :) I wish you loved to read but you really don't and that's ok too! 
8. You EAT constantly; especially SNACKS!!!!! We say you have a hollow leg... sometimes I feel like I can not fill you up... you could eat a million snacks a day if I would let you! And maybe I should let you... you might be some meet on those bones! :) You get up from a meal and 10 seconds later you want a snack! 
9. You are BUILT LIKE A BRICK HOUSE!!!!  You have more muscles and muscle definition than most people your age. You have a six pack I would kill for and biceps and triceps that rock. I am sure you have a very low percentage of body fat! 
10. You are a MINI ADULT stuck in a kids body!!!! Your coaches say talking to JP is like talking to your frat brothers. You can carry on a conversation with anyone... you are never at a lose for words. There are many time we have to remind you to go be a kid... you have the rest of your life to be an adult! 

Dear Jackson, 
I hope you had the best birthday ever and I hope these were the best 10 years of your life! I can not wait to see what the future holds and I am so excited I get to have a front row seat! I am your biggest fan and will always be there to support you in everything you do and be proud of all your accomplishments! I know God has big plans for you! Thank you for making all my dreams come true. I dreamed of the day I got to be a mommy to little boy. I could not wait to have a little boy to dress up in smocked jon jons & monogrammed clothes & polos & khaki shorts! I could not wait to have a little boy to dress in a baseball uniform and sit in the stands and cheer for him and be his biggest fan! I could not wait to have a little mamas boys that loves me and much as you do! JP you are my hero! I love you more than you will ever know and I thank God for you daily! Happy Birthday Buddy!!! Here's to many more!!!     

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