Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Bash Baseball Tournament

Memorial Day Weekend JP had a baseball tournament in Hoover! They played their pool play games Friday night and Saturday! They played one game Friday night and won it. They played 2 games Saturday and won one of the games and lost the other game! Then the tournament starts on Sundays! Every other Sunday we go to the tournament play one game loose and go home b.c it is single illumination! They are a young new team and are just not very good but they are working hard and what is it they always say hard work pays off!!!! And it did this weekend!!! So on Sunday they played the first game and won! Then they played another game and WON! Shut up!!! Can you believe this??? We are all in shock and under prepared! The moms had to make a run to the store for more drinks and snacks because they boys had to play another game and if they won that game they would be in the championship game after that! So there was a possibility they would play FOUR GAMES in ONE DAY!!! Holy Smokes!!! So they won the 3rd game and made it to the championship round! WHAT?!?!?! The team that has NEVER WON a tournament game is in the championship round!!!!! The boys played hard but they were TOAST!!! FOUR GAMES in ONE DAY was A LOT especially for a team who is used to playing one tournament game and going home!!!! So they did not win the championship game but 2ND PLACE was NOTHING to be ashamed of!!!! I was so excited for Jackson and his baseball buddies!!!!

Oh and by the way... I certainly did not have my good camera b.c why bring your camera when you get your brains beat out usually!!! I had Lake Martin on my mind!!! I was ready to go play our one game and go to the lake!!! I was planning on being on the boat by noon! :) I guess that will teach me right?!?!?!? So iPhone pictures is all I have!!!

Jackson (#4) was captain for one of the games!!!!
The team getting their 2nd place trophy!!! 
JP getting his individual trophy!!! 
Team Chaos!!! 
JP with his trophy and the team trophy!!!
JP and Daddy with the hardware!!!! 
We were at the baseball park for 12 hours that day... YES TWELVE HOURS... 8:00AM until 8:00PM... YES OH MY IS RIGHT!!!!

We ran home loaded up the car and headed to the lake for the rest of the weekend!!! I begged JP not to fall asleep on the way home b.c he HAD to take a SHOWER he was BEYOND NASTY from playing 4 games!!! He took a shower, got his pillow, blanket, and movie player and he was OUT before we got to hwy 280 from our house which is about 6 minutes away.... can you say TIRED little ball player?!?!?!?!
Sweet Baby Boy that played his little heart out that day! He plays catcher and he played catcher for 3 of the 4 games we played that day and he was TOAST for the last one and someone else played... bless his soul!
He had an awesome Sunday... he threw someone out stealing 2nd (which is VERY hard in this league) and stealing 3rd and he had several great hits!! We are proud of you buddy!!!!!

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