Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Madness

May is always THE CRAZIEST MONTH of the year! Everything is always coming to a close... school activities, church activities, sports & extra curricular activities. I usually run around like a chicken with my head cut off during the month of May trying to get everything done and attend all the end of year event! I will say it sure was nice to be off the month of May... it made attending Jackson and Brylee's end of year activities so much easier and enjoyable! Soaking up this time in their lives when they want us to come and want us to be apart of what they do b.c I know in a few years we will no longer be cool and the older they get the less things they have that we as parents can attend!

Here are a few event and things we did in May that I took pics with my iphone and not my big camera!

Art in the Park: Spring Carnival at Brylee's School 
Face Painting: Peace sign and Chevron... her 2 favorite things! :) 
Brylee and Cailyn eating Kona Ice! 
JP are there really any words!?!?!?!?
You are a mess... and always keep us laughing 
This was his 1st tball jersey when he was 3 and he declared it still fit! Ha! :) 
the wig, glasses and tongue... what can I say! 
Never a dull moment! 

Brylee's Dance Picture Day 
She is taking hip hop and dancing to Can't Touch This! 
Here recital is next weekend! :) 

Field Day for both kiddos!!! 

B and her friend Julie enjoying Snow Cones at Field Day

Our sweet friends the Hairston's had a sweet baby girl and RP and I went to see the new addition!!!
After 3 boys... the caboose was a GIRL!!!! 
Sweet Baby Campbell Grace 
And she is one loved little girl... she has THE PROUDEST big brothers I have ever seen 
and mom and dad too of course! 
Its fun to have friends from way back... RP and Jay (her daddy) went to school together, were in each other's weddings, and have coached many ball teams together... we love this sweet family! :) 

One night after doing the bed time routine I went into the kitchen to clean it up and saw this on the counter! Sweet Brylee girl had made a count down for the last week of school! (Under the number 4 was 3,2,&1) and she moved it each night! She is a mess! Always writing and making something... she only owns 87 gabillion notebooks and pens to write on! She is a mess!

Brylee and her friend Mattie at the church choir performance! 

Jackson's Awards Day! 

Brylee's Class Party Day!!!! 
This is the only picture I have b.c I had to take a test that day and did not get to go to the party! :( 
But GoGo and Granny both went and GoGo checked Brylee out and looked her back to work with her so she was a happy camper! :) 

JP got to go to the Alabama vs LSU Baseball Game at the SEC baseball tournament when it was in town! 
He was so excited! He even got a ball and his hat signed by the Alabama baseball team!!! 
He was pumped!!!! 

I think that about wraps up most of the month of may besides all the other post I did individually! It was a busy busy month but a fun one too!!!! We are ready to enjoy our summer!!!! 

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