Friday, August 30, 2013

August iPhone Picture

Chelsea Middle School Football Picture Day 

my handsome ball boy... 
who is as big as some of the football players who are 2 and 3 years older than him
I remember when I would have to alter his jersey to fit him... not any more!!! 

Well we got a new car!!!
I am not really a car person! I really don't care about cars. I certainly don't like buying them and don't like car payments either... can i get an amen! :) 
I just want to be able to get in and turn the key and it crank and I drive it that is all! 
I think I am thankful my parents let me get 3 cars in 4 years... i think that got it out of my system! :) 
Thankfully I learned on their dime that no matter what you have you are always going to want something else! Cars are just cars! Anyway... our explorer bit the green weeny so we sold it and bought our new car a Jeep Patri0t. I love our little patriot... it is still an SUV which I knew we still needed but smaller as well and gets great gas mileage unlike our gas guzzling explorer. So there you have it our new ride!!!! 

FUN in the SUN 

Our last pool day!!!! 
We enjoyed the pool this summer!!!! 

Last Day of SUMMER FUN!!!!

the kids always want to go eat lunch with GoGo!!!! 
SO that was our first stop! 
We ate at Sweet Tea! 
One of their favorite places to go eat! 

Steel City Pops
(another request)

Nonnie took Brylee on a special brylee shopping trip and 
she got a new vera bradley lunch box and water bottle
and she gave her money to get her toes done too! 
Sweet Nonnie!!!! 
{JP had his day of fun after Bama Baseball Camp}

A little comparison for fun!!!! 
JP 1st day of kindergarten on the left and 1st day of 5th grade on the right
is there anything cuter than a kindergartner on the 1st day of school?!?!?

Brylee Comparison 
1st day of K on the left and 1st day of 3rd on the right
Not as much as a difference but not as many years either! 

Football Weigh IN's 
Last Saturday I had to take JP to football weigh in's at the Hoover Met! My little 88lb son is playing on the 5th grade 120lb football team... needless to say he had no problem making weight! 

Chelsea Cheer Picture Day!!! 
I look JP with me so I could get pics of them together! 
And the photographer ended up having a sibling package 
we got pics together and individual for a great price
one stop shop!!! 

Brylee and her BFF's 
Ella, Brylee & Mattie 

Happy 79th Birthday Nannie!!!! 
Nannie came up last weekend and we celebrated her birthday all weekend long! Friday we met her and GoGo and Grandaddy at Sweet Frog for yogurt. Saturday night we ate birthday dinner at GoGo and Grandaddy's house with lots of family and friends! Sunday night we ate dinner at Lloyds with family as well! Then we went to Krispy Kreme and ate doughnuts! It was a wonderful weekend celebrating Nannie's Birthday! Not many people can say they have a great grandparent still living and I am so glad Jackson and Brylee do and get to see her and love on her as often as they can! What a reason to celebrate! So glad Nannie came up to celebrate we would not want to miss celebrating another year!!!! Can't take any time for granted!!!!
Happy Birthday Nannie!!! 
We love you lots!!!! 

Well, that pretty much wraps up August! Fall is right around the corner! I am ready for cooler temps and jeans and boots! :) I am officially caught maybe I can stay that way!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend and Happy Kick Off to College Football too!!!! War Eagle!!!!  

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