Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake

We went to the lake Labor Day weekend. We went down Friday night and came home Sunday Night! Saturday was filled with watching football and eating yummy football food. So Sunday was the day we spent out on the lake. 

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Shirley came down Sunday with their ski boat and that made Jackson and Brylee so excited!!! They had a blast riding the knee board behind his boat with a much bigger wake than they usually have on the pontoon boat. They also brought their grandson Cameron with them and he was a cutie pie. He loved swimming and riding on the boat. Jackson and Brylee had a great time playing with him as well! 

Picture overload coming up because the lighting was so good that I just could not stop taking pictures!!! 

These first few pics are from knee boarding and tubing behind the pontoon boat on the way out to swim! 

Swimming in the lake
I wish those puddle jumpers (orange floaty) were around when my kids were little
those things are the best! 

Riding on the boat!!!! 

Cameron thought Jackson was so funny!!! 

Brylee was first to ride the knee board. She did great!!!! 
I love her facial expressions
 super cool picture... 
the lighting and sunset was amazing... 

 Going over the wake... she was so proud of herself

 She did great! Had a blast and showed JP up for sure! :) 

Then it was Jackson's turn... 

 LOVE these next 2 pictures... 
Might be my new favorite lake picture... so cool! 

 Going.. going... gone! 

 On the way back Mr. Scott had some help driving the boat!!! 

 We had a great time on the boat and the kids loved knee boarding too! 

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