Friday, September 6, 2013

First Football Games of the Season

Well, the craziness of football season is upon us!!!! When you have one playing football, one cheering, and one coaching football it make for a football filled fall for sure! 

This week kicked off the season! Brylee had the first game Tuesday at Oak Mt. and Jackson had the second game at Hoover (in the back of Lake Cyrus... a million miles away)! 

Brylee's Game against Oak Mt and they lost! 

Here come the 3rd grade players about to run through the sign! 

Ready to Cheer!!!

Half Time Cheer

Running off the field...

OK so Brylee's game was running over big time and I wanted to make it to Jackson's first game so we left after half time; which Brylee was OK with because the bug were terrible at Oak Mt. Rushed over to Jackson which the game before him ran over so we probably would not have missed much if we stayed oh well!!! 

Jackson played Hoover and I wish I had gotten better pictures but I did not! The bleachers were so far away from the field that it was just hard to take pictures! I will get some next week when we play at home and the field is much closer! :)

Here they go running through the sign... 
(yes, it blurry i know)

and this one is a little dark but he is one of those little ants on that field... 

standing on the side line watching the defense (he plays offense and special teams)

They lost also! Big Shocker! It's Hoover!!! Not a good night for our little Chelsea teams! 
Oh well at least it is the beginning of the season! 

Go Chelsea!!!! 

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