Saturday, November 2, 2013

September iPhone Pics

Let's see what all we did in September according to my iphone pictures!!!

September we kicked off football season!
                                        Brylee girl was ready to cheer on those Auburn Tigers!
My Bama Boys were ready to cheer on the Tide!!!!!
It's game day baby!!! Ready to cheer on the 3rd grade Chelsea Football Team
and play with the 5th grade Chelsea Football Team in their first games of the season!
When the came home from school I had our front door all decorated for football season!
Go Chelsea Hornets!!!
Go Hornents.... Another game day!!! Are you seeing the trend they both play on the same day!!!
Which makes for a crazy night trying to see them both play and cheer!
Smile!!! It's Picture day!!!!
(Brylee missed the smile and look happy at 7:00 am memo...
can you tell she is not a morning person?!?!?)

I got my sub license and I have been subbing quite a bit since then! My first assignment was an 8th grade Science class... yes that would be a FAR cry from kindergartners! I was a nervous wreck... big kids scare me! :) But I had a great day! I got to write the assignment on the board and the students came in read the assignment on the board and got busy! Wow! They can read what a novel idea! Since then I have subbed for more middle school classes and some elementary ones as well! I have been in 5th grade a lot too and I used to be scared of them too but I love them as well! I have even subbed for Richard's class a few times and they are so sweet and get so excited when they walk in and see that I am there! I give ole RP a hard time and tell him his class likes me better! It's a running joke! It has been a great experience I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher and have been surprised at the classes I have enjoyed the most! I have also enjoyed being in different schools and seeing how they do things. It is interesting but fun!  
My sweet babies one sunday on the way to church!!!!
It's nice to see them all cleaned up in nice clothes instead of gym shorts and tees! :)

Game Day {again}! As you can see the cheerleaders wear a team shirt with all their names on the back and the football players wear their jerseys! The cheerleaders used to wear their uniforms to school but this year our squad went with team tees instead! We decided that wearing a $200 plus cheer uniform to school to play on the playground and eat ketchup in was not the best idea! :) 
{a little blurry} but love my little ball boy for CMS.... he takes his job serious and he thinks he is one of them! :) 
Friday night family dinner out and ice cream afterwards! 
Poppie invited Daddy and Jackson to go to the Alabama vs Colorodo State football game
Of course JP was in hoh heaven!!!  
His favorite part... eating and hanging out in the Stadium Club! 
Cheslea High School Homecoming Parade!!!
This year the youth cheerleaders and football players were ask to be in the Homecoming Parade! 

Jackson riding on the float that the 4th and 5th grade cheerleaders and players rode on! 

JP and a trip to the allergist!!!! 
We have know for a while that Jackson was allergic to grass... yes like all kinds of grass!!! Yes, that is great for someone like him who loves to play outside, cut the grass, and plays sports... ie football and baseball because they are in the grass!!!  He has been on meds daily since he was in 1st grade and they seemed to help for a while. But when football started this year; well basically late summer; he kept getting sick with a sinus infection and he could not get rid of it. After seeing our ped 3 times in 2 months he decided to send him to the allergist to test him again. Which is what these 2 pictures are.... they stuck him almost 20 times on his back and as you can see it looks like the largest mosiqueto in the world got a hold of him but that would actually be grass, grass, and more grass and some other things! Then we had him tested on his arm about 20 more times to see whatelse he was allergic too! {and let me just say that was not easy to go through as a mom... even though he is10 years old getting stuck almost 40 times was no fun and he was not happy with me either, he cried and broke my heart.. boo!}We did not do the arm test last time but we did this time and found out more stuff he is allergic too.. CAT being a major one along with other trees and such! So needless to say his allergies have not gotten any better over the last four years and the daily meds he was taken are no longer strong enough so he is not getting allergy shots. He has to go once a week to get one. Thankfully they do not hurt and the nurses there are so sweet. He walks back they, "shows them his guns", gets a shot, and then comes back out to the waiting room and we have to wait for 30 minutes to make sure he does not have a reaction. This has been good homework time! :) The hard part is he cant do any activity for 2 hours after each shot... that is not so easy! But we are making it! He is good about watching the clock! He is also on a different nose spray too. All of this seems to be helping. He is sneezing less and {knock on wood} has not been back to the ped for a sinus infection. Richards parents have a cat (an outside cat) but Jackson loves that cat and everytime he would come home from the lake he would be horse and sneezy and snotty! We always thought it was because there was grass in the lake and chalked it up to that... but now we know it is the cat! Crazy! We are hoping these shots give him some relief from his cronic sinus infections!
All the things he is allergic too!
See all the grasses checked... i have never even heard of some of these grasses
The day of his testing was also the day of a middle school football game! He was devistated that the appointment was so long and he missed the football bus to the game! So I promised him I would drive him all the way to John Carroll for the game! I did and he only missed a few minutes of the game... he was worried who was going to do his important job! :)
They won and when they win all the football players and cheerleaders circle up in the end zone and do this "We are Cheslea" song/dance! And you know JP is right there in the middle of it all!

We also ventured out one Friday night and went to a high school game! JP loves to go to those games but I will be honest after going to 3 football games during the week that is THE LAST thing I want to do on a Friday night but it was homecoming and I love to see the court each year so we went and the kids had fun running around with their friends. RP and JP stood on the side lines the whole time and I talked to another coaches wife the whole time and we played what not to wear! Because WOW! let me just say some of these girls had on some short shirts I mean dresses and some super high heels that they could not walk in.... LORDY! Brylee Powers will not be caught dead going to a football game looking like a hooker for homecoming (or anywhere for that matter) I can assure you that! So needlesss to say we had fun even at the football game! :) 

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