Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brylee's Chelsea Cheer Season

Brylee had a great cheer season! I decided I would just put all the cheer pics I took this season in one post! 

This year we ordered these super cool run threw signs for the cheerleaders to hold and the players to run through before the game! 
Here come your Chelsea Hornets.... Fear the Swarm.... Bzzzzzz! 

Go Chelsea! 
Half time... Introducing Brylee Powers 
Half time cheer and dance! 
Homecoming Game: heading out 
The football players gave the cheerleaders a rose before the game! 
All the cheerleaders and their roses! 
Will you accept this rose? Ha! Just kidding! 

During half time the girls don't dance instead the dads escort them out on the field! 
Coach Daddy and his baby girl! 
Brylee played a game on her birthday and her sweet squad sang happy birthday to her before the game!!
She brought cookies for her team mates and had a birthday balloon on her water bottle that night too! We had already celebrated all weekend so it was low key tonight! ;)
 Happy Birthday Brylee!!! 


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