Friday, August 30, 2013

Daddy's Last Day of Summer...

Sunday August 11th was Daddy's last day of summer. Boo Hoo!!!! He wanted to go to the lake for the day to relax and hang out. The kids enjoyed swimming, playing, and knee boarding. It was a nice last of summer day for daddy! 

I was sad for summer to end and that daddy was going back to school because I knew he would be gone until the end of October, basically. I saw a sign on Pinterest that said something like "We Interrupt this Marriage for Football Season!" . That is so true in our household. He leaves early in the morning for school to teach, then off to coach middle school football, then off to coach Jackson's team. He is a busy busy man! However, we are thankful he works hard for our family! 

OK so back to our fun day at the lake...

JP is trying to learn to do a 360 on the knee board, he gets turned backwards 
but has not been able to make it back around yet??? Silly boy!!!  

The kids have really enjoyed the knee board this summer. They have gotten really good at it. Brylee loves to go from one side of the boat to the other. And they love when we hit waves too. Fun times at the lake.

Jackson and Brylee ending up spending the night at the lake and not coming home until Monday afternoon just in time for cheer and football practice. Squeezing in the last little bit of summer fun!

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