Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher for Jackson and Brylee

Brylee and her sweet 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Floyd. 
Third grade is a tough year... I remember that from Jackson
It's when you really start having test and getting real grades not just S, P, & N
I am excited to see what all Brylee learns this year!

** A funny from Brylee on Meet the Teacher: We had been asking around to see who was all in Brylee's class and we could only find boys... Brylee was worried she was going to be in a class with all boys. I assured her that would not be the case. So we go to meet the teacher and the teacher let her pick her desk... she found a friend in the room and there was a desk beside her so she was excited except the person on the other side was a little girl she was not fond of... she whispers to me "Mommy I don't want to sit here anymore" I said OK well lets move so she looked around and ended up picking a table with all boys. I told her that was absolutely fine. She knew all the boys and they would be sweet to her. If she was happy I was happy!** 

She is my child who has to warm up to knew situations so we tread lightly and try to make it as painless as possible. She has since found her a new BFF that rides her bus and she is just a happy little camper. She has been studying and bringing home grades for test. We are officially in real school! She is a perfectionist at heart so when we don't make an A I can only imagine the tears but that is just part of it! {yikes}

Jackson got the teacher for 5th grade that he has wanted since he was in kindergarten I think... 

Mrs. Birdsong {aka Mrs. B} and JP 
He is swapping classes too and he has Mrs. Painter in the afternoon! 
So we feel like we have the best of both world b.c we wanted her too!!! 
JP loves Mrs. B's husband and kids... they are umps at the baseball park 
so she knows all about JP and plus she goes to church with us too!!!! 

I guess technically this is my last Meet the Teacher picture with JP and his teacher... sad
It's hard to believe that Jackson is in his last year of elementary school. 
It is also weird that he is in the same grade that Richard teaches. 
Can I tell you now nice that is??? 
No more helping with homework for me!! :) 
Daddy just teaches it all day and comes home helps JP too!!!! 

I pray my babies have a great year with these wonderful ladies!!! 

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