Thursday, August 8, 2013

Richard 20yr Class Reunion

Saturday Night we went to Richard's 20 year Class Reunion! 
It was a fun night to get a "dressed up" and hang out with friends!!!
They did not have the best turnout but the DJ was saying class reunions are becoming an old tradition, a thing of the past, thanks to Faceb00k. I think that is sad but it is true. Everyone keeps up with everyone, sees pictures of their kids, and pretty much knows what they do. Social Media changes everything!!! 

The members of Class of 1993!
(Really only about 1/3 of them)

The "jocks" of the class! ha :)
We had a good time! 
I knew most of the people there. 
A lot of them still live in or around Chelsea and we see them at school events or at the ballparks. 

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