Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Santa Came...

Well, it looks like Santa came to see Jackson and Brylee... 
 They were eager and excited to start opening presents to see what Santa brought them... 

Santa brought a few surprises... this was one of them a Simon game

He also brought Brylee the game of Life... we have had fun over the Christmas break playing this. 

Jackson was so excited Santa brought his Madden 25 xbox game

Brylee got an xbox game too... she got Just Dance Disney 

Santa also brought a rechargeable docking station for his xbox remotes 

Santa brought Hedbanz for Brylee... we have also enjoyed playing this game too! 

Santa brought the game Connect Four Launcher too! 

Brylee got a vera bradley bag, wallet, and a cosmetic bag from santa too! 

As you can tell, Jackson was so excited about his xbox head set... he can wear this and all plays while playing xbox.... just like Nick Saban! ha! :) 

Brylee and her knew loom kit box and loom bands too 

Opening their big presents from Santa... what can it be??? 

Jackson rips through his and jumps up and down and starts screaming an ipad mini, an ipad mini...

i think you can tell she was super excited!!!! 

 They also got cases as well... 
Well, I am thinking Santa was pretty good to these two little munchkins. Brylee said "ohhh santa is in trouble because mom said no "apple products" but santa got them anyway!" ha! :) I will say they have been a huge hit... they have played with them non stop since they opened them!

Then it was onto the stockings... 

We enjoyed breakfast at our house with GoGo and Grandaddy and Granny and Pap Pap. I made breakfast casserole like I do every year and this year I added cinnamon roll casserole and it was so good. I think that will be a must have for Christmas's to come! Everyone enjoyed seeing what Santa brought Jackson and Brylee.

After breakfast daddy and Jackson played a quick game of Connect Four Launchers... it is a fun game!

Well, after we all enjoyed what Santa brought we headed over to GoGo and Grandaddys to have Christmas with them! 

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