Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day with GoGo and Grandaddy

Christmas Day at GoGo and Grandaddy's! 

Time to open presents...

Brylee got hello kitty house shoe boots... 

Jackson got a Chelsea blue long sleeve under armor shirt.. 

Brylee and her pink chevron sheets... one of the things she ask for! :) 

 Jackson is super excited about his xbox live year membership 

 Brylee and her gray cowboy boots... 
if you can't tell she is totally excited! 
All she talked about was gray clonkin' boots... 
she wanted some gray boots that made a clonkin' sound when you walked... 
silly girl...  well she got her a pair! 

Jackson and his white UA shirts... he is obsessed with all things UA! 

Brylee got some clothes too... 

 Jackson and Brylee with their new tennis shoes... 

JP got a new north face jacket... chelsea colors too 

 Then it was time for stockings... 
once upon a time the used to could fit inside these!!! 

After all the presents and stockings were open it was time for their favorite part. A scavenger hunt to find one of their big presents. Brylee went first. Here she is with her first clue... each envelope has a different clue in it and they have to go around the house and find more clues that eventually leads them to the present.
 Brylee found her present in grandaddy's offuce behind his desk... a pink spin-ey chair for her desk! 
 I would say she was super excited a pink spin-ey chair and gray boots for the WIN!!!! 

Then it was JP's turn. He had to go around the house and find his clues too. His last clue said something like "the only thing in our house that has the word tide but not roll tide"... he went straight to the laundry room and opened the tide box and found his last envelope... can you tell he is in shock?? 
 and then he goes nuts and screams and runs around the house....
 he was so excited... he got tickets to see Bama play in the sugar bowl!!!!! 
To say he was excited and shocked and excited is an understatement!!!!!! 

He is so excited he and Daddy are going with their friends Ray and Anthony to New Orleans to the Sugar Bowl! 

I guess you can tell our kiddos had a great Christmas!!!! 

We hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your family and celebrating the Christmas season and remembering the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus birth!!!! 

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